Aria Khaide enjoys her painting session

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Aria Khaide is a horny Mom

Aria Khaide is a horny Mom who’s lazy stepson started painting everywhere in the house but left everything and didn’t finish. She’s pissed and she has some ideas about changing colors around the house. Also teaching her lazy stepson a lesson who not only wrote “Mom Sux” on the tarp but also left her sex toys out as well. So she calls the painters over to discuss possible color schemes in different rooms. But they want 1500.00 bucks just to do one room. She asks them if there’s anything she can do to get a discount. Then shows them the butt plug her husband gave her that she’s wearing.

She decides a great idea would be to teach her son a lesson

She decides a great idea would be to teach her son a lesson about leaving her 2 favorite toys out by doing DOUBLE VAG with them for the painters. The painters are hip to this kind of discount. And she makes her stepson sit in the corner and watch as she asks the painters, “never mind the walls, how about you paint my face with your hot cum”. The craziness starts with intense sex, with lots of Pussy to Mouth. Degrading her lazy stepson and all the craziness she can do. She takes a hot pussy creampie and then a facial. Horny Mom Aria invites the painters over for regular painting sessions…… on her FACE! See more porn movies and sex videos with Aria Khaide at

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